Serial Game

Besides standard consulting activity (HTML, PHP and JS developing for companies need), in collaboration with Seriangolo, I developed the entire SerialGame platform, a system to create fanta-web-game based on TV series, used for Fanta Game of Thrones and The Walking Game.

The system is developed using standard free technologies: PHP, PostgreSQL, JavaScript and JQuery. The game basic system is the same for all the games (and it is similar to that of Fantasy Football): each user, at the registration, has an amount of credits that he has to spend in order to buy characters from a TV series. After the creation of the team, the user has to choose which characters in his team he wants to deploy for the next episode of the series: after the episodes, according to the actions of the characters, each character of the game receives a score, and each user receive the sum of the scores of the characters he had decided to deploy.

The mechanics of the system is simple, but this simpleness summed up with the involvement of the TV series, made the games very popular: for examples, the 2014-2015 edition of "The Walking Game" had around 3.000 users; the 2014 edition of Fanta Game of Thrones had more than 9.000 users, the 2015 edition has received more than 4.000 registrations in the first 5 days and more than 11.000 registrations at the beginning of the game (and more than 12.000 registrations at the end of the game). The 2016 edition ended with more than 25.000 users, while the 2017 edition with more than 35.000 users.

The 2016 edition of "Fanta Game of Thrones" has been developed in collaboration with Luca Bullini and Leonardo Calvi.
Italian edition of newspaper "Huffington Post" wrote an article talking about the game.