In this page you can see some materials concering my work in the optimization and algorithms field.

  • My Bachelor's Degree thesis: "Localizzazione e dimensionamento ottimo di impianti per il trattamento reflui" (slides available)
    Advisor: prof. Marco Trubian

    In my thesis I talk about the original project and implementation of a mathematical programming model in order to localize some zootechnics plants and minimize their costs and emissions.

  • After the Bachelor's Degree, I continued working on the same topic, with the development of an heuristic algorithm to improve the system performances (under the supervision of prof. Giorgio Provolo, prof. Guido Sali and prof. Marco Trubian).
    This work is described in the book "Sostenibilità ambientale ed economica: la gestione degli effluenti negli allevamenti di suini" edited by P. Bonfanti and G. Provolo. In the section "Il decision support system" (pp. 113-137) we describe the entire work.
    The book is also available here (free).
    In addition, the final report of the project is available here, with thanks to our Computer Science Department (University of Milan) team at page 19, and a reference to my thesis work at page 21.
    All this work had been the subject of my Master's Degree thesis "Studio di algoritmi di localizzazione di impianti in ambito zootecnico", available here (slides available here).

  • At the moment, I work at WorkWave, developing optimization algorithms for vehicles routing (for our product WorkWave Route Manager).