• Software and Algorithm Engineer - Backend Engineer -

    October 2015 - today

    I design and implement, evaluate and improve high-performance, serial and parallel algorithms for optimization, simulation and statistics in C/C++, working as member of the Engineering Team to meet product release schedules.

    General Tasks:

    • Design, develop and modify SW platforms and algorithms for WorkWave products;
    • Establishing a detailed SW specification;
    • Module testing to check that the implemented code works as expected;
    • Adapting existing SW to new requirements, as necessary;
    • Writing detailed documentation for the operation of the SW by users and developers.

    As backend engineer, I work on design, analysis and development of different server-side features, regarding different themes, as API procedures, concurrency management, multi threading, monitoring, sharding, data management and computational distribution.

  • IT Consultant - Web Developer
    Milan and Verona area, Italy

    January 2018 - today

    I offer my services to companies and private people relating to:

    • company and personal web sites creation;
    • single and general purpose algorihms design and implementation;
    • penetration testing and cyber security evaluation for systems and network;
    • advice in complex backend systems and acrhitecture creation;

  • IT Director and web developer -

    August 2011 - today

    In the first period of collaboration I was a reviewer of the TV shows "Chuck" and "House M.D.". Lately, I have become the IT supervisor of the blog. I also developed a browser-fanta-game engine (PHP and SQL) based on TV series theme, by which I created three games for Seriangolo (with thousands of users): "The Walking Game" (based on "The Walking Dead"), "Fantagame Of Thrones" (based on "Game Of Thrones", with more than 35.000 users in 2017 edition) and "Breaking Game" (based on "Breaking Bad").
    I have also developed a polling platform that can be adapted to each need.
    Last poll: Seriangolo Awards 2017

  • IT Consultant - Web Developer
    Several SME - Milan area, Italy

    August 2013 - September 2015

    • I created a dealers registration web form for We Are Social s.r.l.(committed by BMW S.p.A.)
    • I developed all the Magister Sistema Caffè s.r.l website. I also performed several graphic works for the same company.
    • I developed a C# software to managing several characteristics of industrial embroideries for Erreci s.r.l. (Colico - LC)
    • I developed a C# software to managing accounts, specifically designed for doctors.

  • Thesis research
    (prevoiusly Associate in research project as Operations Research Analyst and C Developer)

    University of Milan, Computer Science Department

    April 2013 - October 2015

    Focus of the collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture (within SeesPig project) is a system developing which could help agriculturists and entrepreneurs in building of an infrastructure able to dispone waste water coming from animal husbandries in a large area. The system is based on a series of logistic heuristic algorithms that try to analyze the possible choices with the target of minimize economic costs, energy consumption and air pollution. All the system is developed in C language, in order to obtain the maximum code efficiency.


  • Master of Science in Computer Science
    University of Milan, Italy


    I developed my study path following my interests in operations research, logistics, and algorithms design, with advanced courses about these topics, combined to some in-depth examinations of other themes as statistics, Markov chains, distribuited systems, machine learning, big data and mobile networks.

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
    University of Milan, Italy


    Acquired general, technical and theorical competences in the main fields of computer science: mathematical analysis, programming, networks, operating systems, statistics, software engineering, operations research, informations security, information theory, algorithms, databases, artificial intelligence, and physics. My thesis (supervisor prof. Marco Trubian) consisted of the developing of some mathematical model to choose the best localization of some installation (and the technology that they have to adopt) for disponsing of waste water coming from animal husbandries, with the target of minimize economic costs, energy consumption and air pollution. During the thesis period, I made experience with the software IBM CPLEX Optimization Studio.

  • Attented the first year - "Medical biotechnologies"
    University of Milan, Italy


    Acquired general competences in biology, chemistry, genetics and human anatomy.

  • Scientific Lyceum Diploma
    Liceo Scientifico Galilei, Legnano (MI), Italy