Privacy Policy

For all related laws and regulations please refer to clause 13 in the decree 196/2003 (“Privacy Code”) availabe on the Privacy Authority website.


Cookies are small text files the visited websites send to their computers, where they are stored and sent back to the same websites when they are visited on the following occasion. The so-called “third parties” cookies are, on the other hands, set up from a different website from the one being visited. This is connected to the fact that each website can contain elements (e.g pictures, maps, audio files and specific linkt to websites on other domains) that are hosted on different servers from the site being visited.

Why we could use cookies on our website

We use cookies to improve the user experience and speed up your browsing. Even if at the moment this document is written we do not use any cookie, with no further specification we will use only technical cookies, with no profilation or user-identification purpose.

Type of cookies

Technical cookies
This webiste could use technical cookies.
Analytics Cookie
This website does not use cookie analytics (Google Analytics di Google, Inc. ("Google")).
Third parties cookies
This website does not use third parties analytics
Profiling cookies
Profiling cookies are used to create new profiles for users and are used to send ads in line with preferences showen by the user during Internet browsing. NO profiling cookies are used on this website.

Cookies management and disabling

Users can decide whether or not to accept cookies through their browser settings.
Disabling "third parties" cookies does not interfere with browsing.
The settings can be defined specifically for the various websites and web applications. Additionally, the best browser allow different settings for "proprietary" cookies and "third parties" cookies.
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